Will You Marry Mommy – 50th Birthday Surprise

Walking through the door’s of Vancouver’s Imperial, Ian MacLachlan expected to be greeted with a chorus of “SURPRISE” for his 50th Birthday. Instead he was met by his adorable children who each handed him a card. As he read the word’s “Will you” from first card, his heart skipped a beat. He instinctively knew that the words “Marry Mommy” was on the second and as he raised his gaze from the card, his partner Karley Seabrook approached wearing a stunning wedding gown.

This story began 10 years earlier when Karley and Ian first met on a dating website. Soon they were living together and expecting their first child. The idea of marriage emerged in the early years of their relationship, however Karley admits there was something that “freaked” her out about it. Ian on the other hand was much more enthusiastic but understood Karley’s reservations.

Everything changed for Karley in December 2012 when she discovered she had a rare and aggressive form of cancer. After undergoing surgery and having experienced the emotional turmoil that came with it, she began to question why she feared marriage so much. Her fear was replaced by an overwhelming urge to marry the man who was always there for her. But having protested the idea for so long, how could she broach the subject?

She wanted to surprise Ian with her hand in marriage, so for his 50th birthday she prepared and planned the ultimate birthday gift.

For almost twelve months Karley planned their wedding in secret. There was no wedding invitations sent out but all their family and closest friends were invited. Christmas was the perfect opportunity for Karley to gift Ian his wedding suit and finally for his birthday on the 1st of February she invited him to Vancouver’s Imperial private-event venue. Naturally Ian anticipated a 50th birthday surprise party.

The occasion was captured by Fill in the Blank Studios and it is a joy to watch.

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