MAGVA at home on the sofa


MAGVA Design + Letterpress is a family operated design and letterpress printing studio located in the centre of Ireland. Our inspiration is drawn from the surrounding landscapes, nature and our heritage and we specialise in crafting beautiful letterpress prints for couples, individuals and small businesses. We are proud to say that all our work is designed and printed by us at our letterpress studio in Ferbane, Co. Offaly.


Creating beautiful type on soft pillowy paper and using age-old printing techniques have become my creative outlet. My love for type arose during my time at college and I have always enjoyed using my hands to create something extra special. I am in my element when I ink up the rollers on my antique letterpress and press a unique piece of my work for a client, a friend or even myself.

I love the story that nature, our environment and old buildings or machines tell about their past. When I learned that a Chandler & Price letterpress dating from 1885 needed a new home, I was happy to oblige; the fact that I hadn't seen it or that it needed to be shipped from Vermont didn't stop me. I knew I could marry my passion for handcrafted pieces and typography together and start creating something very special.

I graduated from the  Athlone Institute of Technology with a first class honours degree in Graphic Design, am a recipient of the HETAC Prize for Design and an awarded member of the International Society of Typographic Designers.

What I swoon for My Mr., family and beloved pets, special friends, type, ink, paper and the story an object tells from its patina.


Give him a spanner, Yes; a wrench, Yes; a computer, Yes; a drill, hmm maybe, ink or paint, Oh NO WAY, I learnt that the hard way! Keith is my Mr. and helps out around the studio but is forbidden from using ink, scalpels or glue. He keeps the computers and website up to date and firmly believes that Steve Jobs created the modern world.

Keith holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Limerick and a Master of Engineering in Design Methodologies from the Galway Mayo Institute of Technology. He is an academic member of staff and principal investigator at the Athlone Institute of Technology, lectures on mechanical engineering modules and engages in research in the areas of New Product Development and Rapid Prototyping, Tooling and Manufacture. I guess it is also fair to say that he has a flair for product design and development.

When he’s not helping out around the studio or lecturing, he is trying to keep up with mischief, tinkering around with R/C helicopters, building another 3D printer, or doing a spot of photography!


A real Dennis the Menace. Full of mischief and curiosity, you never know what he’ll get into next. Be it an adventure in the back garden, a fortress built from the couch cushions or maybe a spot of cooking, one thing is certain, he keeps us all on our toes. Thankfully, so far I have managed to keep him away from my inks… BUT, he has 'borrowed' my Adana printing press!


Butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. The newest addition and the baby of the house, Emilio has brought new meaning to 'mischief'. He's a little more laid back than Gianluca but you can see he is the real plotter and keeps the big brother on his toes...