Cotton Grass – Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation inspiration Bog Cotton
The bog lands are a hive of activity during the early summer months. The winter turf is cut and harvested, but on the more isolated areas of bog the ecosystem kicks into overdrive and a sea of white cotton can be found. These plants bloom during May/June and are a tranquil sight on a landscape that is usually busy at this time of year. It was these very cotton plants that inspired our Cotton Grass wedding invitation.

Polymer plate for Wedding Invitation
The cotton plant itself provided the starting point for the theme. An illustration was created and used to generate a negative. The printing plate was created from this negative by passing ultraviolet light through the clear parts to harden the polymer on the photopolymer plate. The finished plate was installed on our platen press, inked and each invitation was hand feed onto the press and printed.

Boora cotton grass invitation opened
The Cotton Grass Wedding Invitation and wallet captures the essence of the bogland and its ecosystem. Printed in two colours on 180 gsm indian cotton ivory paper with four decal edges, and enclosed in a 250 gsm folded wallet, this small sized invitation will be joy to share. The invitation wallet is closed with a hemp string and piece of natural cotton.

Cotton Grass Wedding Invitation Envelope

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